My Chromebook keyboard shortcuts with a Swedish Keyboard

Whenever I install a new system, whether it be a Linux, Mac, PC or Chromebook I always go through the rigmarole of combining an operating system in UK English with a Swedish keyboard. In most cases it’s necessary for me to document any keyboard shortcuts I find and use for future reference. Its possible these shortcuts will work on any non-English keyboard too of course but here’s my findings on a freshly installed Chromebook from 2018. These shortcuts definitely work for me.

These are my most often used Chromebook shortcuts on a Swedish keyboard layout connected to an HP Chromebook (2018) set to UK English.

Note: If you’re using a Windows or Mac keyboard, use the Windows key or Command key in place of the Search key Chromebook-keyboard-icon-Search-key.

General Chromebook shortcuts

CTRL + : Screenshot (Entire Screen).
CTRL+ SHIFT + : Screenshot with selection (Select part of the screen).
ALT + Caps Lock: Caps Lock on/off.
ALT + : Caps Lock on/off.

Browser shortcuts

CTRL + SHIFT + Backspace: Clear Browsing Data.
CTRL + SHIFT + r: Reload page without cached data.
CTRL + 0: Reset zoom level.

System and Display shortcuts

Chromebook-keyboard-icon-Search-key + ESC: Display the Task Manager
CTRL +. : Display hidden files in Files app.
CTRL + SHIFT + 0: Reset screen resolution to default.
Chromebook-keyboard-icon-Search-key + 1 thru =: Use F Keys (F1 to F12).
ALT + Brightness key: Make keyboard backlight lighter.
CTRL + Chromebook-keyboard-icon-Search-key + h: Turn on high contrast mode.

Miscellaneous shortcuts

CTRL + ALT + T: Open the Chrome Shell terminal.
CTRL + SHIFT + C: Copy command in the Chrome Shell terminal.
CTRL + SHIFT + V: Paste command in the Chrome Shell terminal.

Download this icon set

To create this post I used a few images of Chromebook keys on the keyboard.

Chromebook-keyboard-icon-right-arrow Chromebook-keyboard-icon-Search-key Chromebook-keyboard-icon-Increase-Brightness Chromebook-keyboard-icon-Left-Arrow Chromebook-keyboard-icon-Refresh Chromebook-keyboard-icon-Decrease-Brightness
If you need them feel free to download them below:


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