Softube Console 1 Mk2 with REAPER review


Why buy a Console 1?

I’m sure every old school engineer/producer who has had the privilege of working with a traditional, large-format analogue console will agree that the job goes much quicker than mixing with a mouse and a keyboard in the digital domain. Console-style mixing creates a synergy between the user and the board because everything is in the same place, with the same layout and is always on display. It goes without saying that it’s easier to reach out and adjust a physical EQ,  than having to grab a mouse, open a window , load a plugin and tweak each knob one at a time. Softube Console 1 is aimed at bridging the gap between hardware and software mixing. Continue reading “Softube Console 1 Mk2 with REAPER review”

Pedalboard Build – For Studios

Pedalboard Build - For Studios-header-image

Tag along for a pedalboard build for use in the studio.

Guitar pedals are often associated with live use on stage but as we all know they often end up in the control room, often on a chair or table or even on the mixer board to facilitate tweaking without having to bend down to the floor.

Being a studio owner/musician and not a frequent live player I decided it was high time to improve on the daily chaos of pedals and cables in my home studio and build a simple pedalboard specifically for studio use. It’s my first ever pedalboard build and it’s going to be a real learning curve for me. Continue reading “Pedalboard Build – For Studios”

How To Connect A Guitar Preamp To An FX Return Loop


Let’s look at how to connect a guitar preamp to an FX Return loop on a tube amp.

Guitar preamp pedals such as those from Kingsley Amplifiers and Two Notes have become a popular method for adding variety to your guitar tones both live and in the studio. To achieve this you simply plug your guitar into your preamp, connect the output to the ‘Return’ jack on your tube amp. It’s that simple. There are however a few points of interest along the way, here’s a few of them. Continue reading “How To Connect A Guitar Preamp To An FX Return Loop”