Getting Great Guitar Tones With Guitar Preamp Pedals

Getting Great Guitar Tones With Guitar Preamp Pedals

Getting great guitar tones couldn’t be easier with the advent of dedicated guitar preamp pedals. I Recently purchased my first valve (or tube), guitar preamp, the Le Clean from Two Notes. 

After some experimenting I found several cool ways to incorporate the pedal into my recording chain and found new approaches to creating fresh new guitar tones in the studio. Here’s a brief rundown of my findings with some tips for getting started on the subject of guitar preamp pedals. Continue reading “Getting Great Guitar Tones With Guitar Preamp Pedals”

Secure Shell App Profiles – Setup Tutorial

I recently purchased a new Chromebook and needed to set up an SSH environment to communicate with my servers. After testing a bunch I settled on this app. For me, it ticks all my boxes, it’s both configurable but simple, lightweight and user-friendly. One aspect though, namely saving new connection profiles was less intuitive to me. I thought I’d document my findings in the form of a short tutorial.


Continue reading “Secure Shell App Profiles – Setup Tutorial”

My Chromebook keyboard shortcuts with a Swedish Keyboard

Whenever I install a new system, whether it be a Linux, Mac, PC or Chromebook I always go through the rigmarole of combining an operating system in UK English with a Swedish keyboard. In most cases it’s necessary for me to document any keyboard shortcuts I find and use for future reference. Its possible these shortcuts will work on any non-English keyboard too of course but here’s my findings on a freshly installed Chromebook from 2018. These shortcuts definitely work for me. Continue reading “My Chromebook keyboard shortcuts with a Swedish Keyboard”

Installing a free SSL Certificate from

If you own your own domain you can obtain an SSL certificate for your web site completely free from The certificate is valid for 60 days and will need to be renewed thereafter.

Free SSL Certificates In Minutes

Below is a condensed, quick guide to the steps I took to enable and configure an SSL connection but first, why do we need to secure our web sites anyway and what is SSL? Continue reading “Installing a free SSL Certificate from”