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Simon G Hawkins

The Official Mooselander Blog

The Official Mooselander Blog is finally here. The site was opened on May 22nd 2012.


3 latest Earthquakes worldwide, Magnitude 5 or more from EMSC


Magnitude  mb 5.0
Date time  2016-10-25 18:15:01.0 UTC
Location  4.64 S ; 152.87 E
Depth  66 km

mb 5.0 TONGA

Magnitude  mb 5.0
Region  TONGA
Date time  2016-10-25 16:10:09.6 UTC
Location  15.60 S ; 175.27 W
Depth  60 km

mb 5.0 TONGA

Magnitude  mb 5.0
Region  TONGA
Date time  2016-10-25 11:46:12.8 UTC
Location  16.83 S ; 173.87 W
Depth  144 km

A Colours video from 1994

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Strider (Harris Hawk) web cam

Live feed from Strider's (Harris hawk) indoor, heated room from a D-LINK DCS-910 budget ip network cam.

megan Take me to the Strider web cam now...


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